The PhotoBook Review: Issue 009


Updated design of The PhotoBook Review. Issue 009 was guest edited by designers Kummer & Herrman and focused on the topic of collaboration.


“The photobook auteur—the brilliant, bookmaking photographer—is a recognizable figure at this point, an established subgenre within the field. (“Book artist” and “gallery artist” are often presented as two ends of the photographer continuum.) What risks being lost in this now-familiar, heroizing formulation is the collaborative aspect of photobook creation. While the parties involved in the creation of a photobook are indisputably united to support the vision of the photographer who created the work, it’s important to take stock of the valuable input and skills brought to the table by designers, production experts, printers, and publishers—they too deserve a tip of the hat.”


28 Pages / 11.25” x 17” / Newsprint


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